Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The weekend and the week so far !!

The weekend just continued to be great.  Saturday the kids had a diving meet and both were really happy with how they did.  Then we all went to a geocaching event.  After the event Matthew and I cached for a few hours with Ben, Rachel, Dave and his son, Jesse.  We had a great time.  Ben and Rachel came back to our house for pizza and hanging out.  We hadn't done that in a long time and it was just nice.  Sunday night I took Shoshi to the Justin Bieber concert with friends...she LOVED every minute.  It was really nice to see her so happy.

This week we have had some good meals....tacos, baked ravioli and I am not sure what else.  I need to come up with something good for dinner tomorrow (Rick's dad is coming) and then we are away for the weekend.  It will be a much needed weekend away hanging with the cousins.

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