Monday, November 8, 2010

A good food weekend !!

When Rick and I were dating, engaged, and newly married (before kids) some weekends were good food weekends and some were not.  Some weekends we went out to eat and/or had good home cooked meals and some weekends we just ate whatever we could find/grab.

This weekend was a good food weekend for us.  On Friday night we had a nice dinner at West Avenue Grill with Matthew and Gigi.  Then we went to see Shoshi in "Really Rosie" the musical...we had dropped her off early for rehearsal so she couldn't join us for dinner.  She did great and LOVED every minute of it.

On Thursday I had mentioned something to Missy about making a falafel dinner.  She loved the idea and made us a falafel dinner with all the fixings and couscous on Saturday night.  Everything was delicious.

On Sunday night I made potato skins and homemade pizza.  Everything turned out great and Matthew definitely wants to have the cheddar, turkey bacon skins again.  They were really good.  Both kids love my homemade pizza.  Rick enjoyed it all also.

It was just a good food weekend !!

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