Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Family and Food !!

Last week was uneventful and the weekend was really nice.  Saturday was Shoshi's piano recital.  She did a great job.  Then Gigi and my inlaws came back here for dinner.  We ordered Chinese and Gigi was thrilled.  She never gets to eat Chinese much and she really likes it so this was a special treat.  On Sunday Ellie, Dean, Jeana and Ethan came over.  They were joined by my parents, Gigi, Aunt Bobbie, Uncle Marc, and Billy.  We had a full house for most of the afternoon.  We had lots of yummy food...7 layer dip, bruschetta and bread, hummus and pita and veggies, plenty of chips and dip.  The Eagles didn't cooperate with a win but we all had a nice visit anyway.  We have been eating the leftovers from the weekend for the past two nights.  I guess tomorrow I will have to cook something : ).  Today I went shopping with my mom and now I am set for the Bar Mitzvah we have this weekend and Shoshi should be set for Halloween which is rapidly approaching. 

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