Saturday, June 6, 2009

The sun is back !!

After 3 days of rain we finally got to see the sun again. We had a nice relaxing morning. I slept until 9:00... that almost never happens... the kids are always quiet but the dog usually wakes up early. Today was an exception to the rule and we had a nice quiet morning. The kids didn't even eat breakfast until 11:00. We took the dog for a walk and checked out some yard sales in the neighborhood... didn't buy anything. We ordered in hoagies for lunch... that way we could eat half of our hoagies for lunch and the other half for dinner. We headed to Matthew's game at 2:30. He played awesome !! He had 2 doubles and his team won 17-8... a great way to start the playoffs. Then we headed over to Tanner's for a geocaching event. I grew up getting ice cream at Tanner's so it is always fun to go back. We ate our hoagies in the car on the way there and then were all ready for ice cream when we arrived. I love the fact that for $2 you get a huge amount of ice cream that is almost too much to eat (we did each manage to finish ours though). We had a great time hanging in the parking lot with all our friends. We learned that if you whistle through grass the cows will come over to the fence... so we also had fun hanging out with the cows. It was a great day and we all enjoyed !!

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