Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Diving, Diving, and Diving !!

The weather has finally improved and summer has finally arrived. Matthew and Shoshi are both on the diving team at our swim club. They have practice every morning at 10:00 (thankfully it is not too early). Meets are typically Saturdays and Wednesdays. They have both been doing really well. This keeps us fairly busy as we also usually head to the swim club in the afternoon so they can swim and practice some more.

We did head to the shore on June 20th after the dive meet and stayed until the 21st. We celebrated Father's Day there but we never did see the beach...the weather just did not cooperate. I am not sure when we will head back again but we will find a time.

Our weekends are full of fun things... it seems every summer weekend is already planned but we are looking forward to each one.

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